What Do You Value?

What do you value?  What does your spouse value?  When is the last time you really thought about this, if ever, and created a plan to make it happen?  Most of the pre-retiree clients I meet with have goals other than purchasing material things.  Spending more time with family, cutting back on work hours, traveling, watching the grandkids grow up and giving back to community or spiritually are the answers I hear.  Values are not centered around material things, they are centered around what makes you tick.  Some of the values involve a plan for your finances and some can be done TODAY!  That’s right, TODAY, without a lot of financial and logistical planning.  The White Coat Investor takes a look at these questions and answers here.  Are you ready to create and take action on your value plan?  Talk to your spouse to help create the value plan and  contact us to help with the value-based financial piece.  The White Coat Investor brings up a great point – financial planning is more than finding your “number” for retirement.  It’s about getting to know you and your goals and then designing a plan centered around those goals.  That’s our philosophy at Direction Financial Management, LLC.

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